11 – Entrepreneurship Ain’t Easy: Lessons in Perseverance

No one said success would be easy. Almost every entrepreneur has to face down major challenges, overcome hurdles, and rebound from failure. You’re about to meet your new role models for perseverance. Dov Baron fell 120 feet while rocking climbing and shattering his face – his near-death experience taught him how to work through pain to find success. Jeff Philipp had to figure out how to build his multi-million dollar business in one of the most remote places in North America. Angela Mader had to convince massive retailers like Target and Walgreens to put her products on their shelves… before the products were even designed. None of it was easy. But as every entrepreneur knows, few things worth doing ever are.

Dov Baron Literally Fell off a Cliff – Here’s How It Changed His Life and His Business
Back in 1990 Dov Baron’s career and life almost ended. He was rock climbing when he fell 120 feet and landed on his face. The impact shattered his face, disintegrating some of his upper jaw and fracturing his lower jaw in four places. Dov went through 9 reconstructive surgeries and the experience changed his life. Today, Dov Baron is an author and mentor. Inc Magazine put him on their list of top Business speakers and thinkers. The lesson his accident taught him? Entrepreneurship is about facing and working through pain to find the path to success.

How to Build a Multi-Million Dollar Business in the Middle of Nowhere
Some say that it’s smart to zig when everyone else zags. It’s not easy to do, but it’s worked for Jeff Phillips. Unlike the hordes of hopeful entrepreneurs who decide to decamp to tech hubs like Silicon Valley and San Francisco in search of success, Jeff Philipp decided to do the opposite. He didn’t go anywhere. The problem is that his home is in a remote area of the Canadian arctic. And he’s built a company with tens of millions of dollars in revenue, literally in the middle of nowhere. His company’s motto? Innovation doesn’t care where you live.

How to Give Your Brand a Makeover
What do you do when your look is out of date? Get a makeover. The same goes for your business. There comes a time in the life of every company when you need a brand refresh. But how do you know when it’s time? And what exactly do you do next? Well, a marketing agency in Austin, Texas, that focuses on re-branding recently underwent some rebranding of its own. And we got them to break down the process, step by step, as they put themselves through their own process.

The Secret to Getting Your Product on the Shelves of Big Retailers
For a lot of entrepreneurs, the moment they knew they’d arrived was when they got their products into retail giants like Target and Walgreens. It’s almost never easy. So how does that process actually work? What we usually see is the end result— products on the shelves — so it’s tough to get a sense of how hard it can be for small companies make that happen. We followed one entrepreneur for several months, got a behind-the-scenes look at working with mass retailers, and returned with some great advice for anyone looking for retail placement success.

12 – Daymond John: Swimming with the Shark

Swimming with sharks. Most of us would probably be too scared to ever try it. If you’re brave enough to do it, you might just get an experience you’ll never forget. The same could be said for entrepreneurship. So let’s go swimming with a real shark – Shark Tank’s Daymond John. We’ll find out how he overcame amazing odds to found the FUBU clothing brand and then he’ll give you insider tips on how to overcome amazing odds to impress the investors on Shark Tank. You’ll also dive into some other scary situations. If you’re not a full-blown extrovert, is there anything more terrifying than social business events? Fear not – we’ve got the TGIM guide to networking for introverts. And finally – talk about scary – find out how to making millions by giving away your product… for free.

Daymond John on How to Market Your New Product Successfully
Daymond John has launched a lot of products over the years, both as one of the founders of urban fashion line, FUBU, and an investor on Shark Tark. These are his essential lessons to marketing your new product.

Networking For Introverts
Networking is an important part of business. It’s pretty much essential if you’re an entrepreneur. So what do you do if it doesn’t come naturally to you? Or what if it downright terrifies you? Well here’s the thing, dear introvert – maybe you’re just looking at it the wrong way.

How an Unemployed Veteran Turned His Badass Beard Into a Multimillion Dollar Business
Charlie Moyer was an unemployed military veteran with absolutely no ecommerce or online marketing experience. But in one year he grew his men’s grooming company from $3000 to $375,000 in monthly sales. And it started with a simple $20 investment. He shares the secret formula behind his remarkable success.

Genesys Launches G-Nine CX Framework

Genesys Launches G-Nine CX Framework

Genesys on Monday introduced G-Nine. “Think of G-Nine as the Genesys innovation framework that guides many aspects of our business — product strategy being one of those,” said Genesys CMO Merijn te Booij. “Within the G-Nine innovation framework, we have defined our themes related to technology and consumer trends that we’ll focus on in the next two years,” he said. Included in G-Nine’s initial rollout are smart app automation, asynchronous messaging, next-generation engagement, and more.

Comcast Rolls the Dice With Xfinity Instant TV

Comcast Rolls the Dice With Xfinity Instant TV

Comcast has led the way in cable television ever since it acquired AT&T Broadband a decade ago. However, in recent years, new technologies — like IPTV and wireless TV from new competitors like AT&T and DirecTV Now — have been eating away at Comcast’s growth. That’s why Comcast not only has introduced Xfinity Mobile, which is its new wireless service, but also is getting ready to launch its own IPTV service, Xfinity Instant TV. I congratulate Comcast on this forward thinking, but there are no guarantees that IPTV will work for Comcast.


Snap Stock Snaps Back – for the Moment

Snap Stock Snaps Back – for the Moment

Snap shares appear to have rebounded from the plunge they took earlier this month, after the newly public company released a massive $2.2 billion loss in the first quarter, but investors still are scratching their heads over the company’s prospects. Trading just over $20 at mid-day Tuesday, Snap looks to some like it has regained its early bloom. Others suspect that darker days are yet to come, as signs of robust growth have been lacking. Snap’s revenue and subscriber growth figures missed consensus estimates in Q1, sending shares tumbling.


Focus on the future of customers

Focus on the future of customers

If you are not focused on your sales from e-commerce, then you are missing a huge opportunity. Just ask companies like Grainger, Amazon and Fastenal why they are focused on this Billion dollar revenue stream.

30% of all sales will come from e-commerce sales in the U.S. with the total income for 2018 coming in over $414 Billion in sales!

70% of all industrial supply companies are in the process of building some type of online experience. Why are you waiting?  Are your PDF catalogs slowing you down?  What’s the cost of waiting? Well, according to Industrial Magazine,

Everyone has their reasons for putting off catalog updates.
Maybe you had to focus on your inside sales process. Maybe
all your data is in PDF format. Maybe you didn’t know where to
start. When sixty-eight percent of industrial buyers now purchase
online, your catalog IS inside sales. And where you start is here.
You know why companies like Grainger are so successful? They’ve
optimized their catalog for end-users. Google rewards Grainger
by showcasing its product first. Load times, data accuracy, search
functionality, high-resolution photography – these all factor into
how Google ranks your catalog against the competition.
Here’s the bad news you already knew: you’re behind….

You know how you stand up against the big boys. Want to double your sales?

“With a new e-commerce site and a stronger focus on digital marketing, the distributor of metalworking tools and MRO products reported a 26.4% increase in e-commerce sales, which accounted for close to half of total sales!

Internet Retailer

Contact Supply Store Pro to discuss your goals and what your e-commerce landscape could look like. Get a highly customized customer experience that turns browsers into customers and current clients into mega clients with our client apps and custom web experience.

15 – Bigger, Bolder, Braver

Ann Handley wants you to be bigger, bolder and braver. Ann is the world’s first Chief Content Officer and Forbes called her the most influential woman in Social Media. She explains how you can make your business more successful by using your brand’s voice to differentiate yourself from your competitors. Then meet an entrepreneur who took his startup from a campus project to a 25 million dollar Google acquisition in only 18 months. And find out how one entrepreneur found the balance between passion and profits by shaking up from the frozen dessert business making gelato from exotic ingredients like eggplant, roasted parsnip and crisp cricket. Yes… cricket.

Ann Handley: Get a Bigger, Bolder, Braver Brand Voice Like Freaker USA
Ann Handley is the world’s first ever Chief Content Officer. She’s also a marketing guru who champions content as a way to connect with potential customers at her company Marketing Profs. She’s the best-selling author of the book “Everybody Writes” and has been cited by Forbes as the most influencer woman in social media. She walks us through everything you need to know about developing a major competitive advantage – your brand’s voice. Ann digs into the amazing and creative brand of Freaker USA and gives you advice about how to make sure your brand’s voice is heard.

Bufferbox: From Lean Startup to Google Acquisition in 18 Months
Businesses and entrepreneurs are often faced with the question of, if I build, it will they come? How do you arrive at an answer? It’s tough, especially when you’re just getting started, when you have no money, and you have no time. This is the story of one startup and how they answered that question as they went from a campus project to a 25 million dollar Google acquisition in only 18 months.

Death in Venice Gelato
The theme of TGIM this episode is how to be bigger, braver, and bolder to succeed with your business and there is perhaps no better example than an upstart gelato company in Toronto called Death In Venice. The company has earned rave reviews from foodie bloggers and restaurant critics alike. So how does a gelato company act big, brave, and bold? By designing gelato flavors NO ONE else in the world has thought of yet. Anyone care for a scoop of Thai Peanut Soy Fish, a cup of Chocolate Crisp Cricket or perhaps a cone of Mealworm?