Mobile Apps will make your business money

Mobile Apps will make your business money

Get a mobile App from and get 70% of your customers back.

Did you know that 70% of buyers access your website from their mobile device before you even get a chance to talk to them?

Yep, that’s right you are being judged by the way you look online. Customers are more tech savvy than ever before and your appearance online will influence whether or not you get a call or an online order.  Did you also know that customers don’t search for your business they search for the product they are interested in purchasing or pricing.  If you do not have your products online then you are losing business everyday.  So, knowing that 70% of possible customers will check you out online before they call or order online, how do you feel about your online presence?

Here is another little known fact for you to consider.  Google, the largest search engine in the world, tailors their searches for mobile devices now.  That’s right, if your website is not responsive on mobile or you do not have a mobile app for your business then you are only receiving 3 out of 10 customer views from Google. Now, I don’t know about you but if I knew a way to increase my visitors by 70% I would definitely take advantage of that, TODAY!

With a mobile app your visitors not only have your site at their fingertips, they also are automatically coming to you first because you and your products are quite literally 1 click away.  Their shopping experience has become simple.  Think about it. When you shop don’t you want things to be easy to access or find?  With our new supply store mobile app, you can offer your app for free to your customers for android and apple(ios) devices directly from your supply store pro website.  Here are some of the great benefits that come standard with every app subscription:

  • Clean Standard Design (You pick 2 colors and leave the heavy lifting to us)
  • Automatic Content Updates (When you update anything on your website, it is automatically updated on their phone the next time they see it.)  
  • Push Notifications (this means that you can send a notice to your clients about that tool sale you are having directly to their phones with a required texting service. Push notifications are seen by 98% of customers on mobile devices)
  • App signup with Social Signins (Your customers can sign in to your app with Facebook or Google when they download it and never have to sign in again)
  • Repeating Orders (Customers can review a previous order and place the order again or set the order to repeatable on a schedule)
  • Order Tracking (Let your customers know when and where their shipments are from the most common shippers like Fedex, UPS and USPS Priority)

Optional add-ons:

  • GPS Location sharing (Customers can send you a new location when they are not at their shop for special deliveries)
  • Design customization (A custom white label design with no mention of Supply Store Pro specifically for you)
  • Abandoned Cart Notices  (Customers are busy and sometimes they forget to complete the purchase of items in their cart.  Supply Store Pro Apps send a gentle reminder to the customer an can ask them to complete their purchase or can also offer them a discount to complete the purchase)
  • Many more …

Contact us today by phone(731-402-0402) or email to talk about your App idea and let’s make a great experience for your customers

Supply Store Owner, Are you doing all you can for your team?

Supply Store Owner, Are you doing all you can for your team?

With the Internet, B2B, sales calls, B2C, Facebook, open houses, Twitter, industry conferences, email, texting, conference calls, webinars, video conferencing, Google, trade shows and many more, we are being pulled in many directions as we try to navigate our businesses. How do you choose what you should be focusing on and how do you balance these business tools to stay on top of your business? This is a tough task for most of us. I personally struggle with managing everything on a daily bases due to time constraints.

One of the things I learned from my father is that proper planning prevents poor performance … if you plan your work then you can work your plan. One example that helps me is when I attend industry conventions or trade shows, I make sure that I sit down and THINK about what I want to accomplish while I am at the event. I make notes for discussions with manufacturers/distributors that I will meet with and will include items such as current issues and/or opportunities. I schedule my attendance at educational tracts that are relevant to my responsibilities and highlight all other goals I want to accomplish. This process becomes my plan/road map for the event and it allows me to focus on my objectives and accomplish them!

Having a predetermined plan enables me to walk away after the event with a feeling of success and a good return on my investment in time and dollars. I also never discount the value of networking at these events. It is remarkable how much information you can gather during a simple conversation that allows you to understand a market, get a unique perspective, gain ideas, etc., all which may help you with your business. This networking can take place anytime and anywhere…during the receptions, walking the halls, eating, working out, etc.

Too many people show up at industry conventions, trade shows or meetings without a plan and they expect just because they showed up, something will happen. No plan of action will usually result in unmet expectations and leave the individual feeling that the event was a waste of his or her time and money when the real reason was because he or she did not properly prepare themselves to take advantage of the opportunities presented at the event.  All of this is applicable to you because you choose where you will spend your time and money!

As business owners and leaders, one of the greatest things on most of our minds as we are attending conventions and trade shows is how the sales force is fairing while we are away.  Are they taking the day off or are they chilling out in the office while the boss is away? It is a concern.  There is one salesman you can always trust to work for you.  Supply Store Pro is a marketing and product tool set that works 24 hours a day 7 day a week.

Our team of professionals has created all the tools you need to maintain your inventory, deploy your new e-commerce web presence and glean customer loyalty with you own supply store app.  Opting for the e-commerce application built for ios and android devices like the iPad, Android Tablet, and phones will give your customers direct access to view their specific pricing and order items in seconds.

Wouldn’t it be great to receive reports from Supply Store Pro displaying all of your orders and inventory needs at the frequency of your choice (daily, weekly and/or monthly)?  Need a custom report just login to your secured admin panel and create reports like year over year performance or product vs product evaluations.

If you have questions please do not hesitate to contact us at

11 – Entrepreneurship Ain’t Easy: Lessons in Perseverance

No one said success would be easy. Almost every entrepreneur has to face down major challenges, overcome hurdles, and rebound from failure. You’re about to meet your new role models for perseverance. Dov Baron fell 120 feet while rocking climbing and shattering his face – his near-death experience taught him how to work through pain to find success. Jeff Philipp had to figure out how to build his multi-million dollar business in one of the most remote places in North America. Angela Mader had to convince massive retailers like Target and Walgreens to put her products on their shelves… before the products were even designed. None of it was easy. But as every entrepreneur knows, few things worth doing ever are.

Dov Baron Literally Fell off a Cliff – Here’s How It Changed His Life and His Business
Back in 1990 Dov Baron’s career and life almost ended. He was rock climbing when he fell 120 feet and landed on his face. The impact shattered his face, disintegrating some of his upper jaw and fracturing his lower jaw in four places. Dov went through 9 reconstructive surgeries and the experience changed his life. Today, Dov Baron is an author and mentor. Inc Magazine put him on their list of top Business speakers and thinkers. The lesson his accident taught him? Entrepreneurship is about facing and working through pain to find the path to success.

How to Build a Multi-Million Dollar Business in the Middle of Nowhere
Some say that it’s smart to zig when everyone else zags. It’s not easy to do, but it’s worked for Jeff Phillips. Unlike the hordes of hopeful entrepreneurs who decide to decamp to tech hubs like Silicon Valley and San Francisco in search of success, Jeff Philipp decided to do the opposite. He didn’t go anywhere. The problem is that his home is in a remote area of the Canadian arctic. And he’s built a company with tens of millions of dollars in revenue, literally in the middle of nowhere. His company’s motto? Innovation doesn’t care where you live.

How to Give Your Brand a Makeover
What do you do when your look is out of date? Get a makeover. The same goes for your business. There comes a time in the life of every company when you need a brand refresh. But how do you know when it’s time? And what exactly do you do next? Well, a marketing agency in Austin, Texas, that focuses on re-branding recently underwent some rebranding of its own. And we got them to break down the process, step by step, as they put themselves through their own process.

The Secret to Getting Your Product on the Shelves of Big Retailers
For a lot of entrepreneurs, the moment they knew they’d arrived was when they got their products into retail giants like Target and Walgreens. It’s almost never easy. So how does that process actually work? What we usually see is the end result— products on the shelves — so it’s tough to get a sense of how hard it can be for small companies make that happen. We followed one entrepreneur for several months, got a behind-the-scenes look at working with mass retailers, and returned with some great advice for anyone looking for retail placement success.

12 – Daymond John: Swimming with the Shark

Swimming with sharks. Most of us would probably be too scared to ever try it. If you’re brave enough to do it, you might just get an experience you’ll never forget. The same could be said for entrepreneurship. So let’s go swimming with a real shark – Shark Tank’s Daymond John. We’ll find out how he overcame amazing odds to found the FUBU clothing brand and then he’ll give you insider tips on how to overcome amazing odds to impress the investors on Shark Tank. You’ll also dive into some other scary situations. If you’re not a full-blown extrovert, is there anything more terrifying than social business events? Fear not – we’ve got the TGIM guide to networking for introverts. And finally – talk about scary – find out how to making millions by giving away your product… for free.

Daymond John on How to Market Your New Product Successfully
Daymond John has launched a lot of products over the years, both as one of the founders of urban fashion line, FUBU, and an investor on Shark Tark. These are his essential lessons to marketing your new product.

Networking For Introverts
Networking is an important part of business. It’s pretty much essential if you’re an entrepreneur. So what do you do if it doesn’t come naturally to you? Or what if it downright terrifies you? Well here’s the thing, dear introvert – maybe you’re just looking at it the wrong way.

How an Unemployed Veteran Turned His Badass Beard Into a Multimillion Dollar Business
Charlie Moyer was an unemployed military veteran with absolutely no ecommerce or online marketing experience. But in one year he grew his men’s grooming company from $3000 to $375,000 in monthly sales. And it started with a simple $20 investment. He shares the secret formula behind his remarkable success.

Genesys Launches G-Nine CX Framework

Genesys Launches G-Nine CX Framework

Genesys on Monday introduced G-Nine. “Think of G-Nine as the Genesys innovation framework that guides many aspects of our business — product strategy being one of those,” said Genesys CMO Merijn te Booij. “Within the G-Nine innovation framework, we have defined our themes related to technology and consumer trends that we’ll focus on in the next two years,” he said. Included in G-Nine’s initial rollout are smart app automation, asynchronous messaging, next-generation engagement, and more.